Get Ready to Save Your Impaired Risk Clients Up to 85% on Term Conversions

Do you have a client whose term policy’s conversion option is expiring soon? Term Lifextender™ may be your best solution.

A unique in-force split dollar loan program that can:

  • Help your clients maintain their valuable coverage at an affordable cost
  • Develop your business and stand out from your peers
  • Enjoy high commissions on low client fees

Innovation like this has not been seen in the industry in over 20 years. This is your best opportunity to learn about our brand-new lucrative approach to helping clients in a vastly untapped market.

Act now for your no-obligation Term Lifextender™ Sales Kit and find out how one agent saved a client 73% using this program while earning an $18K commission.

U.S. Patent No. 10,311,520, System and Methods Related to Term Life Insurance, 06/04/2019 and U.S. Patent No. 10,650,468, Systems and Methods for Automated Matching and Conversion of Term Life Insurance Policies, 05/12/2020

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